John Tighe, founder and President, founded John's Landscape Service in 1986 at the age of 12.  He marketed his lawn mowing and clean-up services through flyers, which he created in his 7th grade printing class.  He delivered flyers to houses on his paper route for the Boston Globe and all of the surrounding neighborhood houses.  He tucked flyers under the windshield wipers of cars at the neighborhood church on weekends.  His first 20 clients were all within walking distance of his childhood home in Arlington, MA.  He pushed his lawnmower from house to house with gas, a rake, and a broom in tow.  

One of his earliest clients was a local Arlington realtor.  In recognition of his hard work and dedication to her property, she gave John a gift: a box of business cards that read "John's Landscape Service" and so it began.  That name has remained the same for 28 years, with the addition of "Inc." when the company was incorporated in 2001. 

John's Landscape Service, Inc. was built on customer service and satisfaction.  John's Landscape Service's earliest successes were based on John's reliability, great customer recommendations and reasonable prices.


John's Landscape Service, Inc. continued to grow as John did.  When he was 16, he purchased his first truck, a Dodge D-50, for $500.  The following year, he convinced his parents to loan him $3,000, out of their home equity loan, for a commercial mower.  He was able to repay that loan in the first six months, with interest.  John continued to grow John's Landscape Service by marketing his services to other neighborhoods within Arlington and the surrounding communities.  By the end of high school, John's Landscape Service, Inc. was servicing more than 100 clients. 

Beginning in the fall of 1992, John attended Northeastern University in pursuit of a degree in Business Management, utilizing NU's highly regarded co-op program.  John petitioned Northeastern to allow him to use John's Landscape Service as his co-op and took this opportunity to build and market the company's services. He purchased additional equipment, hired new staff and marketed in additional communities.  When John received his BS in Business Management from Northeastern in June 1997, John's Landscape Service had grown to servicing more than 300 clients.

In the fall of 1997, John relinquished control of day-to-day operations to the capable management team he had built while he pursued a career in the financial markets in New York, working on the floor of the prestigious New York Stock Exchange.  Over the next eight seasons, although removed from day-to-day operations, John continued to closely monitor John's Landscape Service and manage all financial and marketing aspects of the business, as well as designing the growth strategies.  John would make the four-hour drive from New York each weekend during the season to ensure operations were running smoothly. 

In 2005, after a successful career in the financial industry as a NYSE Floor Trader and Institutional Equity Trader, John returned to his company full-time with a focus on growing his maintenance division and building a complete design and build division, inclusive of landscape design, irrigation and lighting along with hardscape and softscape installation. 

John reestablished his close relationships with his clients with the principles that had helped him to launch John's Landscape Service in 1986: customer service and customer satisfaction. He instituted a company pledge to his clients:

We assure our clients the highest level of service and professionalism. We have an intelligent, professional, and respectful staff, strong management, and a clean appearance.

We promise and deliver reliability!



Today, John's Landscape Service, Inc. is the leading provider of complete landscape services to the Greater Boston, Metro North and Metro West Communities.  John's Landscape Service provides design, build and maintenance services for more than 1,000 clients every season. 

The JLS Maintenance division services more than 600 weekly maintenance clients, ensuring that each client is 100% satisfied with the services provided.

JLS has developed its Design and Build Division to become one of the region’s most highly regarded teams. Our design team listens to our customers' needs and, with our installation team, transforms their dreams for their properties into reality.  

Call John's Landscaping today! we service the following towns and surrounding area;

Stoneham, Melrose, Wakefield, Reading, Cambridge, Medford Weston, Wellesley, Newton, Concord, Lincoln, Arlington, LexingtonWinchester, Belmont, Woburn, Bedford MA